Use Case – Anomalous User Behavior

Detect Anomalous User Behavior
Monitor and protect against malicious activities.

Protect Your Data From the Inside Out

With the risks of a disgruntled employee sabotaging your organization’s data, or an unethical user stealing intellectual property, security teams need to proactively monitor data access.  Hackers and malware often masquerade as authenticated, trusted end users, so it’s essential that you understand data access patterns across the entire user base, especially privileged accounts. 

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Secure your data with behavior-based analytics

Secure your entire virtual infrastructure with DataGravity advanced activity monitoring,  alerting, and behavior-based heuristics, configurable for individual users, groups of users, or all users.  By automatically measuring user activity levels,  security teams are quickly notified to take action when abnormal levels of activity occur.   

Recover rapidly from malicious activities 

DataGravity proactively protects the data that it monitors.  When a threat is detected, DataGravity seamlessly coordinated with your underlying storage to snapshot a copy your data.  You can quickly and easily find and recover corrupted and deleted files using searchable DiscoveryPoint catalogs. 

Audit all files, all users

DataGravity extends beyond classic auditing solutions by analyzing and understanding your data’s content, so you can focus on the data that you and your organization values most.  Support security, compliance, and governance initiatives with searchable, exportable audit trails to discover and report  how your most critical data is at risk.

According to a recent survey, internal users are responsible for 43% of all data breaches, with half of these breaches being intentional. 

Source: InfoSecurity Magazine – Insider Threats Responsible for 43% of Data Breaches

Become data aware.

Simply deploy DataGravity in your virtual infrastructure for advanced protection and security. 

Is your data at risk?
Proactively protect your data against security threats.