5 Data security tips every IT manager should know

The past few months have been full of news coverage around data breaches and the need for data awareness. From hospitals to universities to children’s toys, data attacks are coming full force, and IT pros …

3 Questions answered by the Verizon Data Breach Report

Verizon’s annual Data Breach Investigations Report has become a hallmark of the security industry’s progress, as well as its preparedness against attackers and breach incidents. This year’s theme is, “Security should be a driving force, …


Great product teams play bingo, not basketball

I totally admit that I drive product folks crazy. I am a huge believer that it is the responsibility of every person in a company to help ensure complexity and gratuitous innovation don’t creep into …

Paula Long named to Boston Tech 30

Whether you’ve spent your entire life in New England or have only visited the area a few times, it doesn’t take long to notice some of the region’s homegrown assets: fall foliage, quaint towns, rocky coastlines and a hub of education and innovation. Native Bostonians are known for their sports teams spirit and accents in movies, but as Boston Magazine recently noted, the city’s bragging rights also include “the birthplace of email, Facebook, and the computerized spreadsheet, of public schools and American higher education,” not to mention “the microwave oven, the burglar alarm, and the disposable razor.”

In a region bursting with ideas and smart people, technology and entrepreneurship are driving forces that aren’t likely to subside anytime soon. Boston Magazine’s Tech 30 highlights the leaders of the region’s innovation-centric economy, billing them as “the people you need to meet to turn your big idea into a reality.” The list includes venture capitalists, educators and veterans of local companies including HubSpot, Wayfair – and DataGravity.

As Kyle Alspach, the reporter who compiled the list, wrote, “Every entrepreneur aims to make visionary bets about where markets are heading, and they’re almost never right—unless they’re Paula Long.” Paula’s profile highlights her ongoing quest to simplify IT, exemplified at both EqualLogic, DataGravity and among startups she advises. Click through to the article to read more, and check out the other 29 members of the list, as well.

Learn tips from Paula Long about data discovery and startup success.

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Cheryle Cushion

Cheryle Cushion

Cheryle has more than 20 years of experience in developing corporate marketing strategies and executing integrated marketing programs that drive strong customer engagement via direct and indirect sales channels. She has held various marketing leadership roles in several successful companies including Infinio Systems, Raptor Systems, Interliant, Seahorse BioScience, Dell and most notably EqualLogic which was purchased by Dell in 2008 for $1.4B.