I am often asked, “How do you know DataGravity is focused on the right things and that you are ‘winning’?” My response is: it’s simple.

I hang out with our customer success and inside sales teams. I talk to customers and hear their stories. Over and over, they tell me that the DataGravity solutions have helped them solve real problems that have improved their businesses in significant ways. That’s how I know we’re onto something.

Being able to help customers improve the manageability, security, and availability of their data is how we measure ourselves. We hear lots of success stories, and they all center around four themes:

  1. DataGravity delivers visibility into their data. This allows them to get a better handle on what they have, what they need to keep, and any sensitive data exposure. Customers, like the City of Upper Arlington, OH, have been able to significantly reduce the amount of data they’re storing, resulting in substantial cost savings like removing exposure to sensitive data, the removal of dormant and/or duplicate data, and faster and more fine-grain restores to name a few. They are also able to ensure they do not have sensitive data exposure.
  2. DataGravity empowers them to track user and file activity mapped to content. This has allowed our customers, including a well-known government agency, to understand whether they have sensitive data exposure, who accessed that data, and when, so they can contain any incidents. Sensitive data exposure can be damaging and costly to a company. Being able to proactively reduce the risk of exposure and then contain the impact if something should happen significantly reduces the cost of a mistake. Our customers across industries and regions use our products to identify and secure sensitive data. They also count on DataGravity to answer questions about who’s been seeking information on a particular topic, saving weeks’ of work triggered by a discovery request.
  3. DataGravity helps ensure they are compliant — a huge effort in many industries. Jungle Jim’s, the largest independent grocer and retailer in the world, as well as the largest American Express processor in the U.S., uses DataGravity help make sure they stay in compliance with PCI-DSS, for example.
  4. DataGravity helps IT pros end ransomware nightmares. Many of our customers, unfortunately, have had this experience. The combination of our behavioral-based data protection and forensics have helped customers like Palm Beach Atlantic University recover in hours instead of the norm which could be days.

It’s clear that our products make a meaningful difference in the IT operations of our customers. Seeing this makes me smile, and lets me know we are on the right path solving real problems for customers.