Use Case – Sensitive & Confidential Data

Secure Your Sensitive Data
Mitigate your security risks.

Define, Detect and Defend

Consequences of a security breach extend beyond financial fines, lawsuits, and lost revenue.  Failing to manage confidential data can damage your firm’s reputation and even impact its long term viability. Without visibility into where confidential and sensitive data reside, and who is accessing this data, it’s nearly impossible to protect your organization’s information from breach.  The adoption of a zero-trust security model is key to protecting data and data access at every layer – from the perimeter through the network down to the storage system. 

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Find and protect your sensitive data

Through a powerful analytics engine, in-depth pattern matching, search and discovery, DataGravity for Virtualization automatically analyzes your virtual infrastructure to identify where your sensitive data is at risk.  Pre-built and custom classification tags make it easy to find and filter the content specific to your concerns. 

Take action on timely intelligence and insights

Regardless of whether you are looking to protect private health information, financial data, or intellectual property, DataGravity for Virtualization reveals any potential risks for exposure.  Misplaced data and inappropriate access can be quickly surfaced using built-in dashboards, as well as ongoing monitoring and alerting of user activities, content creation, and file updates.

Reduce overhead with automated workflows

DataGravity for Virtualization automates key workflows that simplify the discovery and ongoing analysis of sensitive data across your virtual infrastructure. Support security teams, risk and compliance analysts, as well as internal and external auditors with the information they need and when they need it without adding undue friction. 

With more than 75% of all data breaches caused by employee carelessness or malicious behavior, authentication at the perimeter is no longer sufficient.

Source: Ponemon Institute – The Human Factor in Data Protection

Become data aware.

Keep your sensitive data confidential. 

Where is your greatest risk of exposure?
Learn how you can minimize your risk by protecting your most valuable data.