Use Case – Regulations and Compliance

Meet Your Compliance Goals
Keep sensitive and confidential data private.

Control Access to Private Data

If you are like most organizations, you are subject to a variety of regulations and internal policies outlining proper handling of your constituents’ private information.   Sensitive data about customers, students, patients, and employees is often governed by such regulations as HIPAA, GLBA, FIMSA, FERPA, PCI-DSS, SOX, ITAR, GDPR and over 35 state-level security breach disclosure laws.  Limiting access to sensitive data and knowing who is accessing it are at the core of every data privacy and security mandate. 

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Safeguard against loss and misuse

DataGravity for Virtualization analyzes your data with in-depth pattern matching to identify sensitive data at risk. Easily find exposures of private information with pre-built and custom classification tags and policies including social security numbers and credit card numbers.  Find and protect non-compliant files stored across your virtual machines, user home directories, and file shares. 

Achieve a repeatable enforcement process 

By reviewing user and file access histories, discover exactly who and how compliance risks are created, and who subsequently has been exposed to this information.  Built-in monitoring and alerting notify you when non-compliant files are created to quickly review and remediate these issues. 

Meet regulatory audit mandates with built-in logs

To meet internal and external audit requirements, immutable audit logs identify data access across all files and all users.  Verify the absence of sensitive information across stored files using built-in dashboards, ad hoc queries and exportable reports. 

The cost of non-compliance can exceed the cost of compliance by 2.5X.

Source: Ponemon Institute – True Cost of Compliance

Become data aware.

Simply deploy DataGravity for Virtualization in your virtual infrastructure to meet your compliance goals. 

Are you in control of your most sensitive data?
Confirm compliance of your virtualized infrastructure to data privacy laws and policies.