DataGravity Answers Questions You Should Be Asking

In today’s data-driven world, you need to find answers to critical questions about your data.

DataGravity has rethought data management from the ground up to give you insights and answers that were previously hard to obtain. See what questions you need to be answering, and how DataGravity software solutions makes that happen quickly, easily and economically.

Protect Your Confidential and Sensitive Data

Across Your Entire Virtual Environment

Whether your most valued data is information about clients, patients, employees, or critical intellectual property and trade secrets, your data could be at risk of theft, misuse or abuse. 


With data-aware solutions from DataGravity, you can proactively reduce your risk profile by taking control of the data you have, where it is located and understanding who is accessing it and when.

Protect Yourself from Ransomware

Respond to the Growing Threat

A ransomware attack can wreak havoc across your virtualized infrastructure, especially when privileged access is secured by the attacker.  Your strategy needs to reflect both vigilant prevention as well as a well thought out response plan should attacks occur.  


With data-aware solutions from DataGravity, you can limit an attack, quickly assess its impact, and recover operations quickly with minimal disruption.

Detect Anomalous User Behavior

Monitor Access to Protect Against Suspicious Activity

Knowing who and how data is being accessed is critical to protecting against intellectual property theft, fraudulent use of sensitive data, and ransomware attacks, organizations need to detect malicious activities as they are occurring.  


With data-aware solutions from DataGravity, you can monitor user activities and behaviors with advanced analytics to proactively protect your data from irrecoverable destruction.

Reduce Your Compliance Risk

Enforce Data Privacy Policies

You put your company at risk when you bet that only having strong policies in place means you are in compliance, especially with strict regulations like PCI, HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley.  


With data-aware solutions from DataGravity, you have the ability to see which files are in-scope, violating compliance policies, and who is accessing them.  

Enforce Data Governance, Retention and Deletion

Reduce Liabilities and Risk

Hoarding data beyond its useful life or as required for compliance increases your organization’s risks and liabilities but you are often challenged to enforce meaningfully policies to preserve and dispose of data on an ongoing basis.  


With data-aware solutions from DataGravity, you can automatically identify aged and unused data while preserving key files that must be retained for legal holds and regulatory compliance.

Managing Virtualized Data

See Inside Your Virtual Machines

Virtual server environments consolidate physical resources but often suffer from virtual machine (VM) sprawl making it prone to mismanagement, security breaches, and compliance violations.  


With data-aware solutions from DataGravity, you can achieve greater visibility and insights into your entire set of virtualized data assets.