Use Case – Virtual Data Management

Safeguard Your Virtual Data
Better management, security, governance, and compliance.

Designed for the Virtualized Infrastructure

Virtual machine sprawl creates new challenges to effectively track and manage strategic data assets.  Encapsulated in individual VMs, understanding what data you have, where it is, and who is accessing it can become unwieldy.  Storage usage guidelines, data privacy regulations, and governance policies can be difficult to enforce across a growing number of VMs.  

Achieve a 360 degree view of your virtualized data assets with pioneering content and activity analysis of your virtual machines from DataGravity.

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Protect sensitive data and meet compliance objectives

Know who and how your virtualized data assets are being used.  Easily locate lost data across all your VMs using the built-in search engine.  DataGravity helps identify security risks, monitor access, and protect data that is left unencrypted or stored in locations that are not adequately password- and permission-protected. 

Quickly restore lost and deleted files

Avoid the complexity of restoring entire VMs to recover individual files.  DataGravity DiscoveryPoints catalog all file changes in your storage-based snapshots so you can simply find and recover lost, damaged, and deleted files.  Preview multiple file versions and restore the right one with a single button click.

Confront the ransomware threat

Abnormal user access patterns often indicate malware and rogue users.  DataGravity monitors your virtual environment,  alerts you of suspicious behaviors, and proactively coordinates with your storage to protect your virtualized data.  In the case of a ransomware attack, DataGravity help you identify patient zero, assess the extent of damage, and speed recovery. 

A recent industry report identifies VM sprawl as the most prevalent security risk in virtualized environments.

Source: Network Computing – Top 11 Virtualization Risks Identified

Become data aware.

Shine a light on your darkest data for better data management, security, compliance, and governance. 

What is lurking in your virtualized data?
Gain control of your virtualized data infrastructure.