DataGravity for Virtualization

DataGravity for Virtualization
Gain data security from actionable insights within your virtual environment

DataGravity for Virtualization (DGfV) was designed to secure and protect data in virtual machine environments by seamlessly integrating data security, search and discovery, and data protection into a turnkey software appliance.

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Visualize, Search, and Discover

Gain a 360° view of your data, making it easy to understand its composition, who is using it, and how.

Easily identify data that hasn’t been accessed within your company’s retention policy to find files that could be archived or deleted.

Perform keyword searches across all your unstructured file content and refine those results by a range of file and system attributes to find lost files, identify key contributors, and unlock the value hidden in your data.

Identify and Secure Sensitive Data

Find and protect your sensitive data, such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, patient IDs, customer information, and even confidential intellectual property specific to your firm.

Continuously monitor, detect, and proactively report back data security concerns using built-in and customer-defined classification tags.

Quickly determine your risks by understanding where your sensitive data lives, if it has been exposed, and how broadly it has been accessed.

Audit File and User Activities

Achieve an in-depth understanding of data access patterns.  The system tracks interactions across all files and users within all your VMs, including who has accessed the data, what operations were performed, and when they occurred.

With built-in dashboards, ad hoc queries, and exportable results, DGfV helps you to confirm compliance with data privacy and protection laws and quickly respond to security incidents.

Achieve Behavior-Based Data Protection

DataGravity for Virtualization (DGfV) monitors user interactions with the data stored within a VM and triggers data protection points when anomalous user behavior is detected. Other actions include logging the issue to your SIEM via syslog and notifying the administrator via email of the issue.

Catalogs are created for each snapshot that include an audit trail of changed and deleted files, data access patterns, and content properties.

Quickly recover from malicious events, such as ransomware attacks, by knowing who and how files have changed, then restoring previous file versions from available snapshots.

How it Works

The dynamic nature of data requires dynamic security. DataGravity for Virtualization (DGfV) combines multiple data sources to monitor and analyze people, content, and activities over time to proactively secure and protect your virtualized data. DGfV provides the forensics information and tools you need to remediate issues when they occur.


DataGravity for Virtualization Editions

The Essentials Edition helps you identify and protect your most sensitive data from careless exposure, data loss, and regulatory noncompliance. It also provides file and user activity tracking. The Standard Edition extends the DataGravity feature set to include threat detection, forensic analysis, and behavior based data protection and recovery.

What is lurking in your virtualized data?
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