5 Data security tips every IT manager should know

The past few months have been full of news coverage around data breaches and the need for data awareness. From hospitals to universities to children’s toys, data attacks are coming full force, and IT pros …

3 Questions answered by the Verizon Data Breach Report

Verizon’s annual Data Breach Investigations Report has become a hallmark of the security industry’s progress, as well as its preparedness against attackers and breach incidents. This year’s theme is, “Security should be a driving force, …


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How to champion National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Halloween is right around the corner. While most people are gearing up for the holiday with terrifying tales of goblins and ghouls, we’re talking about a different kind of scary story.

And trust us – it’s the kind of story that keeps security pros up at night.

October 1 marked the start of National Cyber Security Awareness Month. To help promote the need for better security practices and awareness of the looming threats organizations face daily, we’re teaming up with the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) and joining its Champion Program. Organizations and individuals throughout the country are working toward the same goal we are – educating the public about cybersecurity. By combining resources, we increase our ability to arm security and IT teams to defend their sensitive data.

To kick off National Cyber Security Awareness month, we put on our detective hats to learn how data aware organizations are when it comes to data security. Here’s what we found:

The first step to deploying a successful cybersecurity plan is being data aware. Our mission is to help your business better understand its data, in order to uncover timely insights like what kind of information you are storing and who has access to it.

As a National Cyber Security Month Champion, we’re sharing tips and tricks about data awareness throughout the month, but increasing cybersecurity awareness doesn’t have to stop there. You can do your part by educating your colleagues about what they can do to help protect personal and company-owned data, and participating in the social conversation using the hashtag #CyberAware.

Join @DataGravityInc on Twitter and Periscope at 11:30 a.m. on Fridays as we answer cybersecurity questions in real time.

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