• Secure and protect your virtualized data
    DataGravity enables organizations to identify sensitive data across their virtual environments and protect it from theft, misuse, and abuse.
Protect Your Most Valuable Asset: Your Data

Seamlessly deployed as a virtual appliance, DataGravity for Virtualization provides
actionable intelligence and insights through timely analysis of users, content, and activities.

Secure Your Sensitive Data
Know what data you have, where it’s located, and who is accessing it.
Meet Your Compliance Goals
Pass audits and prove adherence to data privacy laws.
Detect Anomalous User Behaviors
Uncover insider and external threats with behavior-based analytics.
Recover from Ransomware
Proactively protect against and recover from malicious attacks.
Enforce Data Governance Policies
Accurately identifying which assets to retain and delete.
Manage Your Virtualized Data
Secure and protect data across your virtual infrastructure.
By integrating with our VM infrastructure, DataGravity gathers information and insights about how best to secure and protect VMs.
Granville Harris, IT Director, City of Upper Arlington, OH
Is your data at risk
Find out how a FREE DataGravityDataMRI® can help
Simply protect your virtual environment against data exposure, malicious users, ransomware, and non-compliance.

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